Explorers and Young Leaders

We offer Boys and Girls aged 14-18 the opportunity to join 1st Wormley as a Young Leader. You do not need any previous experience of leadership or scouting and it is perfect for D of E service,  or for getting skills on the CV!

Unfortunately there is not an Explorer unit here at 1st Wormley, however there are a few local units that meet throughout the week.


Let’s face it, by the age of 14, most young people know what they want. Explorer Scouts therefore have a big say in what they do, while being supported by adult volunteers. Unit members:

  • Get to try activities such as power boating, sailing, snow and motor sports
  • Deliver campsite services – running activities or helping with site maintenance
  • Fundraise and help in the community
  • Go on camping expeditions in the UK and abroad
  • Go for The Queen’s Scout Award, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold and the Explorer Belt (a 10 day challenge abroad) – all recognised by universities and employers
  • Train as young leaders – working with an experienced adult, they learn how to run activities for young people aged 6 – 14.

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