End of hire Checklist

Thank you for hiring 1st Wormley HQ. At the end of your hire you should work through this check-list and ensure all points are complete. Failure to complete this sheet may result in extra hire charges being imposed or your security deposit being withheld.

  • Chairs and tables in correct places
  • Kitchen equipment cleaned and put away
  • Kitchen surfaces clean
  • Halls and Kitchen swept
  • Rubbish placed in outside bin, if this is full please remove from site
  • Lights turned off
  • Any balloons or signage outside/ inside/ outside the site removed and disposed of
  • Fire exits and windows closed and secured
  • Litter in grounds picked up

Once again thank you for choosing to hire 1st Wormley HQ.

If you have any comments or feedback about the hall then please email bookings@1stwormley.org.uk – feedback always welcome.