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Important extra information for hall hirers: Coronavirus

September 2020

We appreciate things are difficult and a bit different at the moment for everyone. Below are some notes about how we have adapted HQ and what we need all hirers to do. We are keen to keep the building open and safe for everyone to use. At all times Government guidelines must be followed. 

Obviously these are changing so these notes are subject to change and if substantial changes are announced then these notes will be amended and resent to you accordingly. 

The Government say to help control the virus, to protect yourself and others, you must:

  • wash hands – keep washing your hands regularly
  • cover face – wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in enclosed spaces
  • make space – stay at least a metre away from people not in your household

And it goes without saying you must ensure no one comes to HQ if they have any symptoms, or if they are told to self isolate. 

There’s some useful guidance about using community venues here. We have worked hard to make the building safe to use – and have completed a checklist from the Scout Association about reopening the building. 

As a hirer:

  • The government guidance states “users and hirers of a community facility have responsibility for managing risks arising from their own activities when they have control of premises and should take account of any guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector.”
  • You must ensure you have up to date contact information for all attendees in your group/ class – and that they have your contact details – for Track and Trace purposes if necessary. Please ensure know your contact details including a phone number for the person in charge of the booking.
  • Make sure social distancing is maintained: especially at entrances and exits – the flow of groups in and out of the premises should be carefully controlled to reduce the risk of congestion – feel free to use a one way system in and out if necessary – you can use both main doors – the same key works for both. 
  • Limit social interaction: the government says “if partaking in permitted activities users of COVID-19 secure community facilities should limit their social interactions with anyone they do not live with.”
  • Please ensure you disinfect the ‘touch points’ when you leave HQ – eg door handles, tables, backs of chairs, toilets (where applicable). Dry sweep the floor with the fluffy brushes and leave it as you’d wish to find it. 
  • You should think about ventilation in the hall – open windows and keep doors open if weather permits. 
  • Face covering – all users will be required to wear a face covering, and will be required to keep it on, unless covered under a ‘reasonable excuse’ (eg whilst eating or drinking or if exempt). Face coverings can be removed if users are undertaking exercise or an activity where it would negatively impact their ability to do so.
  • Toilets – if using the lower hall please ensure it’s ‘one in one out’ for the toilets. 

1st Wormley will:

  • Provide a box of cleaning supplies for hirers to use – please do advise if this needs to be restocked. Please ensure these are returned back to the place you found them when you leave. 
  • Provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit – everyone must use this
  • Have the halls professionally cleaned late every evening (except Wednesday and Saturday) 
  • Put up additional signage to encourage all hall users to wash their hands, to highlight the hand sanitizing stations, and to keep to social distancing.
  • We will ensure that ideally only one group meets at the same time at HQ, where there are two groups there we will ensure arrival times and departure times are different to avoid mixing of groups. We may ask you to adjust the time you arrive or leave slightly so that we can safely accommodate as many folks as possible.

Generally speaking, 

  • Please take extra care in the car park to ensure social distancing is maintained – encourage users to leave a gap between cars or to walk if possible. 
  • Ensure bins are emptied before you leave – the blue cleaning paper can be disposed of in the bin as well as any gloves used. You do not need to empty bins in the toilets. Please place tied-up black sacks in the outdoor bin. Please replace the sacks in the bins – extra supplies are in the cleaners cupboard in the smaller hall. 
  • Our general terms and conditions are here
  • As per normal, please ensure that when you leave all doors and windows are closed,  tables and chairs are returned to their storage areas, lights are turned off and the thermostat is set to 15 degrees. 
  • The maximum number of people – based on each person having a 2m2 space for social distancing – that can be accommodated is as follows:
    • Bottom hall: Maximum of 15 people (12 spaces marked on the floor)
    • Top hall: Maximum of 32 people (14 spaces marked on the floor)

Any queries or questions, issues etc please contact us. 

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